ACWV 2014 – Votes and Publications

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ACWV New Logo wirhorderPosted by Kiltiris on June 14, 2014 at 9:49am

Informations destinated to all participants to the
“A Creative Wall Voices” (ACWV 2014)* First we are reminding votes will finish on June 22nd 2014.

* Would you please send us the website or email address of a respectful
news paper of your country or your city so we can contact them / We are
planning to publish the winners/participants to this international
Exhibition on the newspaper of various countries. If you know or are a
friend of a press person please let us know too.

* Each artist will receive a quantity of points from kiltiris. kiltiris
points will vary from 100 to 5000 points, depending to the level of the
artworks presented by the artist. To These points will be added votes
received from visitors and totals will determine the winners

* We Also would like that you remember:

– June 21st is our 2nd worldwide “Big Exchange Day” / It is world music
day (Recognized by the UN) / On that day We will exchange for creativity
in music / music mixed with all types of arts or creation / Music and
Diversity. We will do tweetup during all the day with HashTags
#PromoteDiversity #PromoteCreativity / Follow us on twitter in order to
participate with us: @kiltiris / @Tenyi2 /

– June 22nd the 3rd worldwide “Big Exchange Day” for the Caribbean / We
will exchange for the Caribbean Identity and friendship / welcome to West
Indians & Friends / We will do tweetup with HashTags: #NiceCaribbean and
#PromoteDiversity. To participate, follow us and partners on twitter:
@kiltiris / @Tenyi2 / @SpcSpiog / We will share text, image sound.

We will also share nice tweets exchanged via Facebook and Pinterest using
the same HashTags.

Our own and partners Facebook pages:

– – –

If someone or a group would like to be listed as a partner twitter of
facebook page or account you are free to let us know by sending us an
email or whatsapp.

Let’s do it for our world! Let’s do it for Diversity, Creativity and

Francklin Pierre
Kiltiris Initiative Manager
Promotor and sponsor of Cultural Diversity

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