What is kiltiris

This Online Platform

The Kiltitis online Platform was created by Francklin Pierre, to be a place where People interested in Diversity, Creativity, Cultures Exchange and Social Activities can meet and do things together!

Legally and administratively KILTIS is being managed by ACTIONS CARIPROCS (Caribbean Professional Cultural and Social Actions) as branch or area. www.cariprocs.network

The goal is to promote: Diversity, Creativity, Cultures Exchange, Mutual Undersanding and Culture of peace arround the world.

The platform connects artists, writers, cross-cultural leaders, participants and followers from different cutures and regions. Through the platform we organise online and offline activities (Social, cultural and artistic) for and between communities, regions, groups, etc. We are promoting the dialogue via some programs or initiatives like Exhibitions, Contests, Intercultural events, Cross-cultural and Creative Activities, Inter-Exchange and Social Actions.

Call for Participation

So far kiltiris is a small but growing initiative. We are also inviting people to join us as supporters, we are calling for everyone like : Technicians, software developers, programmers, freelencer, Hardware donors, Sponsors, Trainers, volunteers, promotors, Medias, translators, advisers etc.

The Creative Gallery:

The Online Creative Gallery of the Kiltiris platform was launched in 2008 for the first edition of the  “A Creative Wall Voices” exhibition and contest, to promote and encourage creativity and cultural diversity. Nowdays the gallery is open to artists, inividuals and groups on all seven continents.



The initiative was borned on November 1st, 2001 / First Francklin just wanted to create a club for caribbean people, named; “Caribbean and World Brothers Club” (CWB-CLUB). A club to promote the caribbean identity and friedship. The CWB-CLUB also supposed to be a platform where Caribbean people could meet and do Exchange with other people from other regions arround the world.

Seven years later (May 31st 2008) the “CWB-CLUB” has became Caribeworld.org and the objectives were the same. Then the founder wanted to enlarge the initiative in order to make it more inclusive, for that reason the first caribeworld.org online community was created in 2009 and during the year 2012  the project was re-baptised Kiltiris.

Kiltiris Word meaning

The Word kiltiris was chosen by Francklin Pierre / “K I L T I”  is the haitian creole equivalent of the french and english Word “Culture”  / Francklin just added the “R I S” to create the Word “KILTIRIS” which would mean the culture of cultures like cultivating cultures.

Let’s participate for Diversity, Creativity and Cultures Exchange!